Father punishes toddler with near drowning for drowning dog

pool corey-edmund-mccarthy daughter
An Arizona father tried to deliver the ultimate punishment to his daughter for accidentally drowning his puppy: he tossed the infant into a swimming pool.
Police officials say surveillance cameras caught the father, Corey McCarthy, grabbing daughter Mia by the shoulders and just flinging her like trash into the swimming pool at the Phoenix home.
Luckily for the young girl — and for the father — an unidentified woman jumped into the pool after her and rescued 1-year-old Mia.
Authorities said McCarthy is being charged with felony child abuse because discipline has to be meted out reasonably and rationally and not done in a fit of rage, according to azfamily.com.
In the interim, the aunt and mother of Mia have custody of the toddler instead of McCarthy, who never developed a bond with the young girl because he is not a part of the infant’s life.
In a case of “what goes around comes around,” McCarthy was beat down at the jail shortly after being booked.
As for infant Mia, she was admitted to a local hospital for precautionary measures but was uninjured. However, she suffered severe emotional distress from the near-tragic episode. Mia was terrified of taking a shower or bath in the days immediately following this.
Can’t say that we blame her.
“It was scary at first because you want to think she’s never going to have to remember that,” she added. “She was too young.”


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