‘LHHATL’ RECAP: Kirk’s Paternity Results; Erica Dixon’s New Man is Fine and More…

Last night on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Kirk got his paternity results, Mimi finally responded to Stevie’s phone calls and Scrappy proved that he is growing as a man. Catch this recap…
Kirk’s Paternity Test Resultsbenzino-kirk-frost
Oh Kirk Frost, how we despise thee. Last week on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” we witnessed Kirk swab his baby behind his wife Rasheeda’s back because he “thought” she cheated on him. After a week of waiting, Kirk received his results and, in case you are the only person in the world who believed that it wasn’t his baby, it came back that baby Karter is indeed his child.
If the situation wasn’t bad enough, Kirk asked a cute young waitress to read the results. Luckily, Benzino was there (Benzino…the voice of reason? What has this society become?) to stop Kirk from involving the random woman in his business. Kirk seemed elated to hear that Karter was officially his son, but quickly reverted to his playboy ways when he complimented the waitress numerous times. According to the super trailer, he eventually brings her in to baby sit Karter. Chile, he ain’t no good!


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