Encouraging Words For Tough Times

My child, don’t give up.  When you feel as if you’ve run the last lap, stop a while and catch your breath.  Come rest in My arms.  You will have those days when body, spirit and emotions cry, “Enough!”  When that happens, turn to Me and wait.  In due time, I will give you new strength.  You will not only run with energy but also mount up on wings and fly across the finish line.  I initiated your race, and I will help you complete it.

My child, never fear when you walk through fiery circumstances.  A wretched failure, a business loss, an unexplained illness– they will come like unwelcome flames in the night.  Don’t be terrified but look closely.  In the middle of that fiery furnace, you’ll see a familiar face.  I’ll walk through the flames with you.


My child, I have chosen earthly vessels like you to hold My most valuable jewels because My light shines best in ordinary people.  Others, full of themselves or with the cares of this world, have stuffed their jars so full, there is no room left for Me.  Use my discretion wisely, My child.  Sacred things are not to be trampled, but preserved.  Share My treasures wisely.  Don’t hoard them, but give them to faithful disciples who appreciate the value.


When I cannot utter the words, God, I know you are with me.  Your presence is a comfort to me even in my deepest pain.  Thank you for being that One who sticks so close that your breath is my breath.  Be my leaning post and hold me up so that I might be strong of mind and body.  Amen

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