Mega Church Pastor Addresses Congregation About Wife’s Adultery

Ron-Carpenter-Jr-Hope-black-bgPastor Ron Carpenter, Jr. confessed to his congregation last week that his wife was under psychiatric treatment after having multiple affairs. He addressed that in an emotional sermon in the presence of dozens of pastors from across the nation who left their pulpits to be with him In an emotional service at Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville, S.C., he warned the church it wasn’t going to be a pleasant conversation and invited people to dismiss themselves before he revealed that his wife had more than one affair and had voluntarily admitted herself into rehabilitation center for psychiatric treatment.

A lot of people talk about getting to a place where Jesus is all you got, but I think very few have probably been there… But you learn something in those times that you can’t learn in any other place,” Carpenter, the pastor of Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville, S.C., told the congregation.

I have an assignment, something that needs to be done. And I’m the only one that can do it… I need to speak to you, The outpouring of love that I have felt from you is overwhelming, and I have no words to say thank you,” Pastor Carpenter said. “Something has happened in this place. I’m charting a course… I’m broken. I’m hurt deeply…. Let me heal in front of you.” the pastor said on Sunday, a week after he told the members that his wife, Hope Hilley Carpenter, had been placed under psychiatric observation after carrying on multiple affairs during their two decades of marriage.

A group of about 40 pastors and their wives, whom Carpenter has ministered for years, as well Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church, traveled from across the United States to attend the service in Greenville.

Pastor Ron later shared this message on his Facebook page:

Hey guys…first of all let me say that our family is completely overwhelmed by the kindness,
Love, grace , and mercy demonstrated by everyone. I now know what it means to “bear one another’s burdens”.
Please know that we FEEL your love…. I am grateful beyond measure. I braced for the worst as I new many would try sensationalize the story and turn it into something it’s not.
It’s tragic and it’s sad…however the church community couldn’t have been any kinder. Both sides of the family actually spoke w Hope on the phone for 45 minutes yesterday. She has asked me to speak on her behalf and in deep brokenness.. She made me promise to let each of you know that she is sorry for any pain she may have caused and she received great joy in my assuring her of y’all’s great love for her. I love each of you dearly and CAN NOT WAIT to see you… One day at a time..
Pastor Ron

This is the moment of clarity for many.

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