Georgia Foundation Breaks the Sickle Cell Cycle Through Knowledge, Help and Hope

September is national Sickle Cell Month. Since 1971, the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, Inc. has stood as a place of hope for victims of Sickle Cell and other abnormal hemoglobin.

Generous supporters, a dedicated staff, a dynamic Board, and caring volunteers make the Foundation and all of its programs and services possible. Each donation, no matter how large or small, carries a Sickle Cell patient one step further to breaking the Sickle Cell Cycle.

The Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, Inc. was established in 1971 by two Atlanta physicians — Dr. Delutha H. King, Jr. and the late Dr. Nelson McGhee, Jr. The friends organized the Georgia Foundation one year before the national Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, was founded.

The Chief Executive Officer leads the organization day-to-day and executes the strategic vision of the Board, led by Verna Cleveland. D. Jean Brannan, who retired as President/COO in 2012, served at the helm for most of the organization’s 40-plus years. The Foundation also boasts a veteran staff; most have devoted their careers to sickle cell patients — some for over 25 years. Deb McGhee-McCrary
 is the current Chief Executive Officer

The Foundation owns its office building at 2391 Benjamin E Mays Dr. in Southwest Atlanta, in the heart of the community. Other assets include a Mobile Laboratory, a licensed clinical laboratory, statewide reach, and a sterling reputation. The Sickle Cell Foundation is also green-friendly.

As part of Sickle Cell Month activities, the Georgia Foundation will sponsor a Sickle Cell Health Professionals Workshop on Sept. 7 in Columbus, GA and a Go Healthy Community Run And Walk & Fitness Expo on Sep 14, 2013 in College Park. For more information, visit, or call 404-755-1641.


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