League of Women Voters of Georgia Celebrates Women's Equality Day


On the Anniversary of the 19th Amendment the League calls on Congress to Restore the Voting Rights Act

Atlanta, GA – Aug. 26 marks the 93rd anniversary of the constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote. This year, the League of Women Voters of Georgia honors the work of our foremothers on Women’s Equality Day by calling on Congress to restore section 4 of the Voting Rights Act and ensure the voting rights of all eligible voters.

“The damage to the VRA can and must be fixed – Congress has the power to act swiftly to restore the effectiveness of the Voting Rights Act.” said Elizabeth Poythress, President. “As members of the League of Women Voters of Georgia we are working to make our democracy strong through voter registration drives and educational forums – and by calling on Congress to restore protections for all voters on this Women’s Equality Day.”

The anti-voter laws that are being proposed and passed around the country in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision will negatively impact all voters – young and old, rich and poor alike. In Georgia, there have been changes in election dates, partisan vs. non-partisan elections and consolidation of voting precincts.

“Next year we anticipate legislative proposals seeking to change Georgia’s election laws following this VRA decision that essentially gives a free pass to reactionary politicians to continue to push the elderly, students, economically disadvantaged and minorities off the voting roles, disregarding basic rights of citizenship. ” stated Kelli Persons, Program Manager.

“Our foremothers understood the importance of voting and that every vote is a voice to be heard and counted. The act of voting gives citizens the ability and power to have an impact on the critical issues facing their communities,” Elizabeth Poythress concluded. “Women’s Equality Day is the perfect time to thank Congress for starting the process to fix the VRA and encourage them to fix it quickly. And, as we celebrate this occasion, we must continue to protect every citizen’s right to vote.”

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