In a recent interview, the ever-controversial Donald Trump cited a double-standard between Democrats and Republicans when it came to the use of racial slurs, after U.S. Rep Charlie Rangel seemingly used the word cracker last week without rebuke.

In an interview with the Daily Beast Friday, Rangel compared the Tea Party to Southern racists, noting, “It is the same group we faced in the South with those White crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked.”

Calling in to Fox New’s “Fox & Friends” program Monday, Trump pointed out that had Rangel been a Republican, he would’ve faced backlash for his statements, “If Charlie or whoever it was, was a Republican and they made that statement, they’d be resigning from office right now,”

Trump also believes that because he is a Democrat, Rangel will suffer no consequences for his words, “Yeah, and nothing will happen to Charlie. I see it all the time. If you’re a Republican and you make a statement like that, it’s over. I mean, you are finished. If you’re a conservative — by the way, the further right you are, the worse it gets. So, it’s a very rough — it’s a double standard. It’s a very rough double standard.”

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Trump also singled out food chef Paula Deen, who has lost massive endorsements over her use of the N-word, as an unfair target, “Paula Deen was absolutely crucified, what they did with her. I don’t know what even happened to her. I see everybody dropped her. She has really got some problems. It’s amazing.”

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