Atlanta Workforce Development Agency Launches Two Training Programs


The Atlanta Workforce Development Agency announced a program that offers free pharmacy technician and basic shielded metal arc welding certification to City of Atlanta residents that have not completed their secondary education.

The two programs, part of an occupational training study, are funded by the Federal Government. Upon success of the programs, additional funding will be provided for larger scale replication.

These programs, which are a part of the AWDA’s Accelerating Connections to Employment Program, will allow students to receive GED and vocational certifications at the same time. Residents that would like to apply for the pharmacy program will need to call 404-546-3147; those interested in basic shielded metal arc welding should call 404-297-9522 ext 1212. The deadline for application is July 31, 2013. Once applications are received, students will be randomly selected for the programs.

Classes for the basic shielded metal arc welding program will start in late August and pharmacy technician classes will begin in September. Students enrolled in the programs will be placed in classes of 15-20 and will attend two classes a week. The pharmacy technician program will last for eight months and the basic shielded metal arc welding certificate program lasts for four months.


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