The bar isn’t set particularly high for entertaining drunk folks at a club appearance. Most of the time a rapper, R&B singer or athlete will just show up, say a few words to the crowd and party with his or her crew in VIP. It’s not hard and it doesn’t take a lot to do, but somehow rapper 8Ball managed to do a terrible job.

The Friday night event at Indigo Bar was billed as “Beauty & a Beast” with 8Ball as the headliner and a phalanx of no name models like Jocanna Cedeno and Cindy Louis appearing alongside the legendary Memphis rapper. When Ball showed up at around 1:10 a.m., the “grown and sexy” crowd that frequents Indigo Bar seemed legitimately enthralled to see the rap veteran.

Ball took a seat in VIP, behind two not-so-large security guards and an already-seated entourage that may or may not have actually known him. The DJ pumped out hits from him and longtime partner MJG including “New Age,” “Don’t Make,” “Pimp Hard,” “You Don’t Want Drama” and “Lay It Down.” In fact, those were the only songs he performed. And I use the term performed loosely.

Rather than take to the front of the lounge or even a spot in the roped-off VIP area where patrons could see him, 8Ball sat in the back of the area on one of the couches for the entirety of his time at the venue. He also chose to refrain from rapping any of the verses of choruses from his songs, and instead opted to chime in with a strategically timed “Yeah,” or “Uh” at random intervals.

He strode into the lounge at 1:10 a.m. and was out by 1:35 a.m. So all in all, 8Ball graced fans with 25 minutes of him sitting on a couch, holding a microphone and occasionally confirming consciousness.

As for the “models,” the ones that did show up were part of some brand awareness campaign from a local boutique and weren’t even paid for their time. We know this because they posted a search for the “models” on Craigslist.

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