SANKOFA LITERARY SOCIETY ANNOUNCES THEIR PICKS FOR BEST FICTION BOOKS OF                                                                                                                                                    The Sankofa Literary Society (SLS) has chosen
Come Sunday Morning by author Terry E. Hill, as one of five best fiction
books of 2012-2013. The SLS is a national literary collective of African
American book clubs whose goal is to enrich the literary community with a
diverse selection of quality books and the written word.

SLS and its founder Ella D. Curry are focused on the issues and lifestyles
that define today’s avid readers, what they read, what they want out of
their literature and how they connect to each other.

While highlighting African American heritage and experiences, the SLS
remains anchored to the spiritual, emotional and practical realities of the
entire global community, supporting all races. Their goal is to educate
readers by offering a variety of quality literature and resources. SLS does
however; focus on offering the best in literature from an African American

Hill, who lives in Oakland California, is a relative new comer to the Black
literary scene. Come Sunday Morning is his first novel and the first in the
Sunday Morning Trilogy. The sequel, When Sunday Comes Again, was released at
the end of 2012 and the finale, The Last Sunday, is scheduled for release in
October 2013.

Come Sunday Morning has been acquired by over 7,000 libraries in the U.S.,
Europe, Australia and New Zealand and has been selected as best book of the
month and year by book stores and book clubs across the U.S.

Many readers compare Hill to the late E. Lynn Harris in his story content,
writing style and storyline transitions. Hill’s first book rapidly turned
into a hit with many loyal Harris

Hill’s subject matter has resonated with readers because it mirrors several
high profile scandals in prominent mega churches. In Come Sunday Morning, a
beautiful pastor’s wife, Samantha Cleaveland, arranges the assassination of
her husband Hezekiah T. Cleaveland in the pulpit of their mega church after
learning of his homosexual affair.

The story continues in the sequel, When Sunday Comes Again, with Samantha
being challenged by people who suspect she played a role in her husband’s

Sharing the honor with Hill in the top five best fiction book category are
well known authors Eric Jerome Dickey, Alice Randall, Elizabeth Nunez, and
Helen Oyeyemi.

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