Hosea Feed the Hungry to Hold Press Conference on Farm Bill and SNAP Cuts


Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless (HFTH), the organization created by civil rights leader and philanthropist Hosea L. Williams, will be holding a press conference today to bring awareness to what CEO Elisabeth Omilami calls “significant issues the farm bill will have on working poor families, to issue a call to action, and to announce what HFTH is doing to prepare the community if the Farm Bill is passed.”

The House Agriculture Committee’s proposed renewal of the farm bill includes what organizers have termed a $20 billion cut to the food stamps, or SNAP program, over the next 10 years. HFTH activists say that cut represents the largest food stamp cuts since 1996 and will have a significant impact on several Atlanta area families.

Omilami will be joined by leaders from the Fulton County Action Authority, St. Joseph’s Mercy Care, CareNet, The Center for Working Families, Inc. and WesCare to discuss the effects of the 2013 Farm Bill cuts and how the bill will impact many impoverished elderly and working-poor families with children.

If passed, the bill could affect more than 900,000 Georgians who currently receive SNAP benefits, the organization said.

The conference will take place at the Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless Distribution Center, located at 1035 Donnelly Street, Atlanta, Ga., 30310.

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