Duggan Stays On The Ballot

Despite ballot certification, Duggan foes vow challenge

Despite the 2-1 vote of the Detroit Election Commission, whose decision was anchored on the city’s new charter to retain mayoral candidate Mike Duggan on the ballot, his challengers are vowing to take the issue straight to court.

Candidate Tom Barrow, who raised Duggan’s residency as a technical flap that shouldn’t allow him on the August primary ballot, is promising to campaign against Duggan’s candidacy, which he calls “Aanother suburban transplant taking over the reigns of the city. We already had a failed experiment with Dave Bing and the parachuting in of a Livonia mayor only works for Republican money interests, not everyday Detroiters.”

Robert Davis, a labor activist, said he is going to court to fight the issue. Duggan campaign lawyer Melvin “Butch” Hollowell, in an interview with the Michigan Chronicle, said the issue is “not really a close legal question,” because Duggan has met the requirements of the new charter. “I think the election commission did the right thing,” Hollowell said. “This was about having access to the ballot which is an important part of election law all around the country.”

According to Hollowell, with today’s ruling the campaign now shifts away from what he describes as “small issues like technicality and allows us to focus on the larger issues such as when you call a police, will they come?” Detroit Election Commission members Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey and interim corporation counsel Edward Keelean voted for Duggan to remain on the ballot while the third member, City Council President Charles Pugh, opposed.

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