Violinist Spends Five Days Behind Bars After MARTA Performance

A violinist was recently released from the Atlanta City Jail after an impromptu violin concert inside the Five Points station in downtown Atlanta.

Juan Pablo Chavez a violinist who has performed in cities across the country without any previous problems was jailed for five days and charged with misdemeanor panhandling and vending without a permit for selling CDs.

During Chavez’s performance, he tried to explain to an officer that he was from out of town, and was unaware he breaking any laws.

“Cop picked me up, grabbed me, slammed me against the wall, messed up my right shoulder,” Chavez told WXIA.

According to MARTA officials, Chavez was not only violating MARTA policy but was breaking Georgia state law.
“We love music. We love musicians,” MARTA spokesman Lyle Harris said. “But the one thing we can’t tolerate is people who are going on the system and breaking the law.”

The arresting officer was responding to a passenger complaint about the violinist. Chavez was then placed under arrest after not leaving the MARTA station when order to do so.


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