Book Studies Relevance of Bible Commands

In this timeless book, “What’s on God’s Sin List for Today,” author Tom Hobson digs deep into scripture in order to answer the question that many Christians ask: Which of the Biblical commands are still relevant?

“Christians get confused about exactly what to do with the commands in the Bible,” says Hobson. “Do we need to give up pork and shellfish? Is it a sin to eat road-kill or to eat blood sausage? Is it a sin to wear mixed fabric? Is cross-dressing a crime? What about tattoos? What do we do with that command not to boil a baby goat in its mother’s milk?”

And if none of these commands are for Christians today, then which Bible commands are?

The author examines the laws in the Old Testament and the New Testament sin lists, and how they speak to issues such as sex, alcohol and drugs, obscene language and gambling as they existed in the first-century world in order to suggest what’s on God’s
sin list today.

” This is a biblical study of sin in the Old and New Testament in their respective historical contexts with an evaluation of their ancient meanings as well as their current relevance today. It is not intended for legalists, or antinomians, but for those who want to deepen their understanding of the conflict between Judeo-Christian ethical norms and pagan practices,” Hobson notes.

Tom Hobson has been a pastor in the Presbyterian Church since 1983. He is currently chairman of the Biblical Studies Department at Morthland College in West Frankfort, Ill.


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