Morehouse College Hit With Lawsuit After 30-Year Diploma Dispute


Morehouse College is being sued by a man who said he graduated from the institution 33 years ago, but the college claims he never met graduation requirements.

Terry Boyd applied for a job in 2011 that would have paid him a $150,000 a year salary. Boyd was rejected the job after a background by his prospective employer discovered that Boyd’s college degree was invalid.

“They said they had a problem verifying my graduation from Morehouse,” Boyd told WSB-TV.

According to the college, Boyd failed an Organic Chemistry class in which his transcript shows he made a D, but Boyd was still allowed to take Chemistry 2 after apparently failing the class, which was a prerequisite.
Boyd claims he passed the class and his attorney Marsha Mignott believes someone changed his grade from a ‘C’ to a ‘D’.

“How do you mail something like this to someone you’re professing did not complete your requirements for graduation?” Mignott said. “Even if you’re in high school you cannot take Algebra 2 unless you’ve completed Algebra 1.”

Morehouse is now countersuing Boyd, saying he is in unlawful possession of a diploma it gave him 33 years ago.

“They can’t have it back, I earned it,” Boyd said. “I really feel disappointed in Morehouse as far as the administration is concerned.”

The lawsuit is expected to head to court later this year.


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