Whitney’s mom talks Bobby Brown


It is a commonly held belief that the drug-laced decline of the late Whitney Houston can be traced directly to her husband of nearly 15 years, “bad boy” singer Bobby Brown. Closer to the truth is that Houston and Brown were, in fact, “birds of a feather.”

Brown was, of course, a factor in the greater scheme of things, but not the cause, a fact that even her mother, famed gospel (and former R&B) singer Cissy Houston acknowledges in her fascinating book, “Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped.”

It is also a wealth of knowledge for those who want an education on the way the record industry really works and, indeed, show business in general.

Houston states clearly that “just as it wasn’t Bobby Brown’s fault that Nippy (Whitney’s nickname) did drugs, it wasn’t the fault of the music business that Nippy ended up struggling the way she did during and after that last tour.”

However, she is also of the opinion that Brown could have done more regarding at least trying to lead his wife off the road to destruction. But, of course, it is highly likely that he was in no condition to do so.

“I tried to tell Nippy from the beginning that I didn’t think Bobby was good for her,” recalls Houston. “We didn’t have a big confrontation about it, but I brought it up a few times and I could tell that she didn’t appreciate hearing about my disapproval.

“She wanted to be with him, so I decided to let it go. When she made up her mind that Bobby was the one for her, nobody could tell her any different.”

There is no love lost between Cissy Houston and Bobby Brown and, today, she makes a point of having no contact with him.

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