Violence and the Response of People of Faith Explored at Event


After the tragic events at the finish line of the revered Boston Marathon, it has become even more apparent that the world has now become a place where violence seems eternally present.

Tackling the difficult questions about how individuals and faith communities react and respond to all forms of violence and discrimination will keynote discussions next Thursday, April 25, at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church when the Higher Ground Group Meets for their annual “Meaningful Conversations” event.

From 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the Group, composed of the four long-time Atlanta faith leaders, the Rev. Joanna Adams, Imam Plemon El-Amin, the Rev. Joseph Roberts and Rabbi Alvin Sugarman will gather and speak with a distinctive, interfaith voice to help navigate the key issues relating to violence and the interfaith response of the greater Atlanta community.

Moderated by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s rector, the Rev. Dan Matthews, the faith leaders will discuss the following topics:

• How do we each play a role in perpetuating a culture that is desensitized to violence?
• What is our moral obligation to those in our community who are struggling with mental illness, ostracized or deeply troubled?
• Are our fears preventing us from achieving spiritual wholeness as communities?
• How can we of diverse faiths work together towards a better more unified response to violence in the Atlanta community and the world?

Groups from all faith institutions and the public are encouraged to attend. Reservations are required; reserve seats online at


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