Verizon Wireless Announces $35 a Month Prepaid Plan

Cell phone in car

Looking for a new prepaid plan? Verizon may have just the thing with their new $35 a month no-contract plan.

In an attempt to lure in new phone buyers, Verizon introduced a new no-contract plan Thursday costing $35 a month and offering 500 anytime minutes of talk, unlimited text and internet.

But there is a catch, few phones qualify.

The deal is restricted only to four feature phones — the LG Cosmos 2, the Samsung Gusto 2, the Samsung Intensity 3, and the LG Extravert.

Mobile-to-mobile calling is also not included in the plan, so calling fellow Verizon users will count towards monthly minutes used.

The $35 package is expected to give Verizon a competitive edge against smaller cellphone carriers with customers who do not use unlimited features, such as Cricket, who offers a $35 plan with 1000 anytime minutes and unlimited text and data.


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