The uproar concerning the recent divorce scandal involving Kordell and Porsha Stewart shocked more than the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast and fans of the show, but fans of love too.

Although few people were surprised to learn of yet another reality TV couple joining the growing list of stars whose marriage is reportedly ending, it was disappointing to learn of a good-looking and seemingly happy couple’s marriage biting the dust.

However, reality TV did not send the two to divorce court. It is the idea the two thought they could try to infuse two different generations into marriage while flagrantly ignoring the truth behind the notion “you can’t and don’t try to change a person” that did it.

The infusion of a man seeking a traditional marriage with a woman who has ambition, youth and is attractive is the real reason the pair’s likely divorce is such a hot topic of discussion.

Truth be told, it was not that Kordell was controlling and Porsha was young and immature, it is because Kordell represents the values strong men had in the day’s women and men of this present generation know very little about.

On the other hand, Porsha represents the women of a different time who feel they are more than just a hottie with a body. Instead, they are beautiful women who feel they can have it all and still take care of house and home.

Regardless of what the majority sees on the show, the real show is their love personifying the conflict in generational standards with new-aged ideas while trying to blatantly ignore that obvious truth— it ain’t working and seldom works without someone denying themselves their personal pursuit of happiness in an effort to please the other.

The Stewarts knew they loved each other. They even knew they loved each other from two completely different worlds. What they chose not to do and accept was that they could not change the one they fell in love with and infuse the two loves without confusion.

So, instead of scandalizing and trivializing their marriage, consider the evolution of love and how men and women view one of the most important roles and the biggest decision of a person’s life and that is marriage.

Additionally, what role will we play and are willing to play in love? And how strong is your love? Is it the type that cannot be dissolved by reality TV? I would hope so.

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