Restoring Detroit's historic beauty: Alden Park Towers renovation now underway

One of Detroit’s longest standing riverfront residences is getting a major upgrade.

Colorado-based Triton Properties just recently announced plans to renovate Alden Park Towers. Soon to be changed to simply “Alden Towers”, the property will get much more than a new name.

Since purchasing the buildings in August 2012, Triton has invested heavily in its restoration. The first phase of the project begins with the East Jefferson Avenue-facing Tower A. Developers plan to revamp each and every one of the residential units. The renovation will also include a major makeover of the on-site fitness and laundry centers, underground parking garage, expansive lobby and outdoor living spaces.

“Everything is being touched for cosmetic improvement… all of the amenities… every unit is being renovated. We’re rebuilding original hardwood floors and installing new carpet. Nothing is not being renovated”, said Luke Davis, Director of Real Estate at Triton Properties.

Dir. Davis stressed the importance of maintaining the historic essence of the structures. Aiding in that process was notable Detroit architecture firm, Kraemer Design Group. Renovations will rely heavily on elements from its original era. Built in 1923, the building will keep such key features as a red brick façade and grey stone trim.

While the towers will mostly maintain original characteristics, newly renovated units will come equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, new flooring and fixtures, and improvements to the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom areas.

One of the finest aspects of the renovation will include the lobby. Triton summoned the consultation of Sharon Carlile of Royal Oak-based Italmoda to help with its redesign. Set to resemble that of an upscale boutique hotel, the lobby’s focal point will be a large fireplace. It will give residents and prospects a place to comfortably congregate. The lobby will most likely be the most modern part of the renovation, and include large sofas, work tables, benches and comfortable design-forward chairs. Wi-fi access will also be available throughout the residence.

Of the anticipated renovations, the company looks forward most to what is to come. April Sedillos, Executive Vice President, expressed excitement over starting on Tower B, which will also include the clubhouse, library and reading room.

With its new fancy fixings, you might be surprised to find the property still in your price range. Alden Towers looks to make luxury living affordable for Detroiters. Units will run as low as $649. It’s a excellent advantage that might keep more residents within the city limits.

The renovation project also brings added benefits to the local community. Triton plans to collaborate with businesses in the nearby area to provide several on-site concierge services. They include dry cleaning, shoe repair, car washing, house cleaning and grocery delivery services. VP Sedillos expressed that she envisions the project will positively impact the overall feeling of downtown Detroit.

“We’re trying to focus on bringing quality back the community, and making it feel like home… like a place where people want to live.”

Interested in the new and improved Alden Towers? The leasing office offers scheduled walk-throughs Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. For more information or to set up a tour, call 313-824-1310 or visit

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