Turmoil at a panel discussion Friday with Tea Party Patriots is now being blamed on a female African-American reporter who eventgoers said worked for the Voice of Russia after she was on the receiving end of racial remarks from some panelists and audience members.

“I was invited by the Tea Party Patriots to conduct a breakout session entitled: ‘Trump the Race Card’ and share the Frederick Douglass Republican Message,” the Tea Party’s K. Carl Smith, an African-American conservative and author of “Frederick Douglass Republicans” said.

“In the middle of my delivery, while discussing the 1848 ‘Women’s Rights Convention,’ I was rudely interrupted by a woman working for the Voice of Russia,” Smith told Raw Story. “She abruptly asked me: ‘How many black women were there?’ This question was intentionally disruptive and coercive with no way of creating a positive dialogue.”

An audience member, Scott Terry, who was at the panel discussion claiming to represent the American South’s “disenfranchised whites” then stated that “Blacks should be happy that the slave master gave them shelter, clothing, and food.”

After Terry’s remarks, the panel began to grow out of control when the Voice of Russia reporter spoke up again against Smith’s claim that the Democratic Party was to blame for the rise of the Ku Klux Klan.

Smith made sure to mention that Terry, “wasn’t a Tea Party Patriot,” and that he made, in Smith’s words, “some racially insensitive comments.” But Smith said that the two “left as friends.”

After many more disgruntled exchanges between the reporter and the audience, the panel discussion ended.

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