Daylight savings time can affect your heart

It’s that time of the year again! This weekend, set your clock an hour forward for daylight savings. The mornings get brighter and the nights get longer. Unfortunately, the days get shorter, or at it least it seems that way. 

Did you know that losing an hour of sleep might be dangerous for your health?

Sleep deprivation has long been known to negatively impact your overall wellness. What many people tend to overlook is that less time to snooze can be bad for you.

Getting the proper amount of sleep can serve as a powerful armor against illness. It helps eliminate stress and essentially recharges the body.

The American Journal of Cardiology recently published a study that shows daylight savings time can serve as a detriment to one’s health. Researchers examine individuals over a period of six years to find that on DST Sunday, an average of 23 patients were treated for heart attacks. It’s a stark contrast to 13, the number of reported cases on a usual Sunday.

How can people avoid the negative health effects of daylight savings time? Researchers recommend getting to sleep earlier and engaging in stress-relieving activities.

The time change is one that we cannot avoid. However, there are ways to keep yourself from falling victim to its terrible side effects. Enjoy the longer days as the weather looks to change, and don’t let one less hour get the best of you. 

For more information of the study, click here.

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