The National Rifle Association is using a Justice Department memo from the Obama Administration claiming their gun control plan will fail.

The obtained memo states that Obama’s gun control plan won’t work unless the government seizes firearms and requires nationwide gun registration. The administration’s memo states that the total elimination of assault weapons would have little or no effect on gun killings due to the fact that assault weapons account for a small number of those crimes.

The nine-page document refers to the usage of background checks and their success would depend on requiring gun registration.

Since Obama has been in office, the administration has not proposed any gun registrations, buybacks or banning of firearms. As part of his gun restrictions package, Obama proposed that he order federal scientific agencies to research gun violence.

“Still think President Obama’s proposals sound reasonable?” Chris W. Cox, the NRA’s chief Washington lobbyist asked of the memo’s release. Cox declined to say how the NRA obtained the memo.

The written memo was named under Greg Ridgeway, the acting director of the National Institute of Justice.

Dated Jan. 4, this was two weeks before Ridgeway’s first day as acting chief and Obama’s announcement for restricting guns.

A Justice Department official labeled the memo “an unfinished review of gun violence research” and said it does not represent administration policy accurately.

White House officials declined to comment on the memo.

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