Convicted Felon Charged With Killing Atlanta Rapper Yung Teddy


Almost a month after the fatal shooting of Atlanta area rapper Yung Teddy, Cobb County police have charged a convicted felon who goes by two different names with his murder.

According to an arrest warrant, Curley Dean Holden shot and killed the rapper born Justin Mitchell on Jan. 2 in Mitchell’s Austell home. Two women were also in the home at the time of the shooting.

The warrant states that “the accused pointed the handgun in the direction of Mr. Mitchell and fired several times.” No one else was reported seriously injured in the incident.

According to police, 23-year-old Holden, who also goes by the name Willie Danyel Hunt, forced his way into Mitchell’s home, held a gun to one woman’s neck and pointed the weapon at the other woman before killing Mitchell shortly after 10 p.m.

Cobb County Jail records show that Holden was arrested on Jan. 23. He was initially charged with terroristic threats.

Separate warrants show that Holden was on the run for nearly three weeks before he allegedly threatened to kill another person at a barbecue.

He was later charged with murder and three counts of aggravated assault in Mitchell’s death.

Prior to the shooting, Mitchell reportedly received death threats to his cellphone, which he wrote about on Twitter. Mitchell also posted photos of the threatening text messages he received on Instagram.

“N—-S WANNA SEE ME DEAD,” tweeted the young rapper.

A few hours after posting his message on Twitter, police discovered his body.

Mitchell often rapped about a racy lifestyle, glorifying guns and drugs. “I’ma thug n—a. I’ma die high…got goons on deck and they ain’t scared to use the pistol,” rapped Yung Teddy on the song “Die High.”

The rapper boasted about being a member of the FTW, F—k the World, and HOH, Hard on H—s, street gangs on his Twitter page. Mitchell was also the CEO of SBC Entertainment.

Police believe that their investigation into Mitchell’s past and his close associates may lead to something involving multiple gangs.

In addition to using two different names, Holden was also listed as having two different addresses, one in Austell and one in Los Angeles. Although he was booked in Cobb County jail as Willie Hunt, his warrants were taken as Curley Dean Holden.

Records show that Holden has been in prison twice. Most recently, he served 18 months following a conviction on drug charges and making false statements and was released in August. Beginning in December 2009, he also served about seven months for a separate drug conviction.

Holden is still being held in county jail without bond.

Earlier this month, police charged Yachari Kiyana Miller with one count of terroristic threats and acts.

Miller allegedly sent Mitchell threating messages saying, “You a dead man walking” and “This your year to die.”

After spending 15 days in jail, Miller was released Jan. 29 after posting $4,620 bond, jail records show.


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