RHOA’s Nene Leakes: A Lesson in Living Beyond Your Means?

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Last weekend, a story broke about “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” resident diva NeNe Leakes (pictured) being practically destitute. The report claimed that while Leakes was dining at a siddity Atlanta eaterie, her meal was interrupted by her Bentley being repossessed. On Tuesday night, Leakes dispelled the rumors, according to Reality Tea.

Leakes, whose reality TV career has led to her co-starring roles on network TV shows like “Glee” and “The New Normal,” let the Twitterverse have it as she tried to set the record straight about the alleged repossession:

NeNe Leakes ‏@NeNeLeakes

U can’t just b doin well! Everybody wanna pull u down! So like our people! I work & work hard. Never owned a Bentley & never drove 1

Leakes, who in the past has been accused of being not only a pompous self-promoter but of being a social-climber, has publicly stated that she is “very rich” and had “Donald Trump checks.”

The latter reference had to do with her appearance on the popular “The Apprentice,” which is co-produced by Trump. The 44-year-old statuesque celeb even hawked some blinged out tees that read, “I’m Very Rich B*tch!” for $150 a pop.

Should you hate?

Still, a source who is reportedly part of Leakes’ camp insisted that Leakes is in fact knocking on poverty’s door, saying, “NeNe is fronting, she’s living way beyond her means. NeNe spends $17K a month, and her home is about to go into foreclosure. She lost her Bentley and she’s about to lose her home too.”

Is Leakes’ success just hateration for those folks around her?

The in-your-face, keeps-it-real diva lamented to her nearly 1 million Twitter followers that her success is a hard pill for many to take:

NeNe Leakes ‏@NeNeLeakes

Still n the same house, still drive the same car, Still work on 3 shows!…..it’s hard 4 people 2 b happy 4 ur SUCCESS

Hang in there, NeNe, it’ll all be a’ight!


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