The Krystal Co To Move Restaurant Support Center To Atlanta


The Krystal Company has announced that it will relocate its corporate office, called the Restaurant Support Center (RSC), from its current location in Chattanooga to a new location in North Atlanta in early 2013.

The move will allow the company to deliver support to its 350 restaurants more efficiently and effectively from Atlanta’s central location, particularly with its high concentration of restaurants in and around the Atlanta area.

The announcement was made well in advance to ease the transition for Krystal’s approximately 60 RSC employees, who represent less than 1% of the total employee population. The majority of the RSC employees have the option to apply for new positions in the Atlanta office. Severance packages and job search assistance will be offered to those who do not relocate.

This move will not affect the 6,000+ employees in Krystal’s restaurants, except in providing them better support. In addition, the cost-effective nature of this move will allow the Company to build an additional new store every year. Each of these new restaurants will create about 40 jobs.

Krystal plans to open at least 150 new restaurants in the next five years, creating thousands of new jobs and providing current employees with multiple opportunities for advancement.

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