Dear Gwen: My wife never gave up her night life!

Dear Gwendolyn, Five years ago I decided to look for a wife. I came up with the perfect idea. I decided to marry a woman of the night. So, I took to the streets in my search. Every other night I met a different woman. Then like magic, I fell in love at fi

I had heard other men say “a street woman makes a good wife.”We married six months later and everything was great. I didn’t want her to work so I took an extra job to pay the bills. I even taught her to drive and bought her a new car. She left me immediately after getting the new car. It has now been four years of separation. She recently called me asking to come back, but I don’t want her back. Where did I go wrong?


Dear Jim, You got what you wanted %uFFFD and more. You thought you could find a good woman who walked the streets. Let me tell you this: Good women are at home %uFFFD many wishing they could find a good man. You wanted the best of both worlds, a street-wise woman for excitement and a quiet plain woman as a loving homebound.

You discovered she was going to be one way or the other, but not interchangeable. If you are not going to take her back, then consider a divorce. She deserves that. Why hold her captive when she just might meet a man who accepts her for what she is? Jim, the next time you look for a wife, remember that you cannot transform an alley cat%uFFFDinto a house cat.

Dear Gwendolyn, Last week we had a mild thunderstorm and found ourselves in a good mood for romance. All was good until his brother dropped in and disrupted our evening. My husband works as a truck driver and we cherish every moment he is at home. We have no children, but sometimes when his brother comes over, he brings his five kids.

They are unruly and practically destroys the house. Once while over, one of them got into a fight with another and squeezed mustard at him. I am still trying to get the stains out of my couch.Gwendolyn, what can we do to let him know he needs to call us before coming and he needs to stop coming so often?


Dear Rita, I know you don’t want to hurt his feelings, but sometimes things cannot be helped. Your brother-in-law needs to get a life, but it seems he has one. As to the children coming over, stop him at the door. I really hate to see people not manage their children where it results in destroying the property of others. If he becomes angry, which he probably will, ignore his reactions and move on. He knows better, but doesn’t care.

And think about. Sometimes men, like women, can be jealous%uFFFDhating to see others happy. If he was happy, you and your husband wouldn’t get as far as his front porch. Eventually, his constant dropping in will cause you to have trouble in your marriage. You married his brother%uFFFDnot him. Next time he shows up, keep the door closed%uFFFD and enjoy your man.


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