President Biden Should Not Step Down Following Debate Struggles, But Democrats Must Form A Dream Team To Save The Campaign

The highly-anticipated debate between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump left more questions than answers. Both candidates struggled at times leading to apathy for some voters who shared their thoughts online. 

President Biden appeared sluggish at times and combined talking points. Trump failed to answer questions and often spewed misinformation. There were no real winners when the voters are considered, but Trump’s base should feel a bit more positive about the outcome. 

Following the debate, Biden spoke at his watch party which took place at the Hyatt in Atlanta. Showing bit more vigor than what he displayed at the debate, Biden spoke about

Some Democrats have called for Biden to step down before the election, but that would be there’s currently no need for Biden’s replacement. If it’s true that suffering from a cold led to his hoarse voice, it’s likely that he can bounce back before November. 

In terms of achievements while in the White House, Biden outmatches Trump. However, optics are important to most Americans and Biden visually looked subpar during the debate. 

To save the campaign, the Democrats must form a political dream team to help Biden reach the finish line. This means gathering the biggest figures in the Democratic party and promoting them on a national stage from now until Election Day. 

Along with establishing more appearances from Kamala Harris, the Democrats should call on Barack Obama, Michele Obama, Gavin Newsom, Jasmine Crockett, Bernie Sanders, The Clintons, Hakeem Jeffries, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and local leaders to be more visible and express their overall message. 

Furthermore, with America being a celebrity-driven culture, the Democrats should call on the biggest stars who align with their policies. This could mean collaborating with notable figures such as BeyoncĂ©, Taylor Swift, LeBron James, Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson, Cardi B, Steph Curry, Bruce Springstein and others. 

Overall, the Democrats must inform voters that policy, not the person running, is the most important factor in the upcoming election. It may take a shift in optics to ensure that message lands with voters. 




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