Sylvia Webb launches Signature Sips for tastemakers

Lifestyle influencer Sylvia Webb is one of those discerning people who seize prime opportunities to improve the quality of life for every person she encounters. The maverick philanthropist and entrepreneur came to the international forefront after years of international travel heightened her passion for bridging the gap between the haves and have-nots and compelled her to take action.

After a lifetime of successful philanthropic pursuits and accomplishments, Webb’s latest venture – premier coffees for discerning tastes is narrowing lifestyle gaps. From supporting prison HIV initiatives to relief for Haitian orphans to high-quality footwear for the world’s less well-heeled, the heady activist is grabbing the attention of connoisseurs as she’s entered the entrepreneurial arena to bring an elegant experience to coffee drinkers in the U.S.

Signature Sips by international lifestyle guru Sylvia Webb, is a one-of-a-kind experience in premium coffee consumption and the newest product stemming from the founder’s zeal to share the “good life.” From Amsterdam to Zimbabwe, that morning cup experience fueled Webb’s foray into the coffee culture and now she’s bringing the global java experience home.

A native Texan and transplanted Atlantan, Webb traveled the world for more than three decades as an international flight attendant  experiencing how a cup of ‘Morning Java” provided her with a well-researched first-hand approach to global and cultural sharing.

“[Coffee’s] ability to create a common bond while also providing that much-needed jolt is what sparked my love of ‘the bean’. … That is how the product and I really intersected and I knew I had to create a hot comfort beverage that even non-coffee lovers can appreciate,” explains Webb.

“The bold, robust, balanced and layered qualities of Signature Sips captures the best of what I experienced consuming coffee and morning beverages around the world,” Webb explains referencing her brand’s blends, which have been described as aromatic and lush with textured depths of flavor.

If launching this latest venture weren’t enough, this coffee-loving, globe-trotting lifestyle influencer has yet another love. She is the founder of the nationally recognized philanthropic organization 40 Girls and Some Shoes. The organization is an Atlanta-based non-profit group that donates shoes to the homeless and other underserved communities.

“Giving is a natural extension of my commitment to service, so I made it the charitable component to Signature Sips. A portion of all sales are donated to a female-specific charitable organization,” explained Webb. “It’s another way I catch a buzz,” quipped the affable entrepreneur and philanthropist.

What compelled you to go into business now, when the market is dominated by operations like Starbucks and others?

There is enough room for everybody and competition is a good thing

What sets Signature Sips apart from other brands?

The personalization of each blend makes it special. My coffee is smooth on the tongue, not bitter, overly sweet or acidic. It’s Love at first SIP!

How are you marketing your coffee?.

Online, social media , email campaign and influencer marketing.

Any plans to open a brick-and-mortar store?

Yes, Eventually I would like to open a Coffee Truck

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