George Floyd’s Uncle, Selwyn Jones Speaks On 4th Anniversary Of Murder

With the 4 year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by police approaching tomorrow, his uncle is continuing the fight. On May 25th 2020 the world witnessed a horrifying tragedy over 9 minutes and 29 seconds. It set off international protests and led to the conviction of former Minneapolis officers. 4 years later, his family is reflecting and believe there is still more to do.

Selwyn Jones is the co-founder of the Hope929 Organization, the charity focused on promoting civil rights and creating change in honor of his nephew George Floyd. On a mission to make communities a better place for all, he has traveled the country over the past 4 years speaking with the families of other victims of police violence and helping with their struggles. Speaking last month at Harvard University, Selwyn is channeling grief into activism.

In an effort to save and preserve lives, he has also been rallying support in different states for passage of The Medical Civil Rights Act. It was approved by government officials in Connecticut last year and establishes the right to emergency medical care during any police interaction.

Talking about what’s happened over these 4 years in the wake of George Floyd being killed, he said:

“There has been change but it will never be enough as long as innocent people of all colors and races continue to die at the hands of police and from gun violence.” 

With the 4th anniversary of his nephew’s death on Saturday, Selwyn hopes to continue memorializing his life. Turning an unimaginable tragedy into an opportunity for change, Selwyn is pushing for more progress to make communities everywhere better for all our children.

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