Black-Owned Uncle Nearest Expands With Acquisition Of Square One Organic Spirits

Uncle Nearest, the renowned whiskey brand, has announced its acquisition of Square One Organic Spirits, marking a significant expansion in its portfolio. This acquisition comes as Square One celebrates its 20th anniversary as America’s Original All-Organic Spirits Company. 

This move follows Uncle Nearest’s acquisition of Domaine Saint Martin last year, making them the largest owner of Grande Champagne vineyards in their city. With the inclusion of Square One, Uncle Nearest now extends its reach into the organic vodka market.

Square One Organic Spirits, founded in 2004, made history as the first company dedicated exclusively to producing USDA-certified organic spirits. It also pioneered the organic rye vodka market.

“In 2020, I expressed our vision for Uncle Nearest to not just be a brand, but to become the first spirits conglomerate in America founded by a woman or person of color. Many saw this as wishful thinking since we were only three years into our journey at the time,” Fawn Weaver, founder and CEO of Uncle Nearest, wrote in a statement. 

Under Uncle Nearest, Square One will maintain its dedication to farm-to-glass production while also exploring a line of organic, gluten-free options to appeal to a broader audience. 

Allison Evanow, founder and CEO of Square One, will continue in a leadership role to ensure that the brand’s founding principles are upheld as operations expand. The product line will undergo rebranding under the guidance of The Formulation Group.

Evanow states: “While we have really loved being an independent brand so that we could focus on quality organic ingredients and unique flavor profiles, the intense demands of handling nearly all sales personally underscored the need for stronger backing. Uncle Nearest will not only preserve our independent spirit and world-class quality but also bring the robust sales and distribution capabilities we need to reach our full potential.”

As Square One embarks on its 20th anniversary, the company has achieved lifetime sales surpassing $22 million, with nearly 200,000 cases sold. 

The acquisition of Square One Organic Spirits by Uncle Nearest is not only a celebration of Square One’s two decades of pioneering organic spirits but also a testament to the vision and ambition of Fawn Weaver and her team. By integrating Square One into its portfolio, Uncle Nearest is set to further revolutionize the spirits market, emphasizing quality, sustainability, and inclusivity.

With this strategic move, the Black owned whiskey brand continues to build its legacy, expanding its influence and setting new standards in the industry. This acquisition is poised to enhance the availability of high-quality organic spirits, meeting the growing demand for sustainable and health-conscious alcoholic beverages. 

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