Terri Burns Is Pioneering The Future Of Venture Capital With Her Own Firm, Type Capital

In the world of venture capital, Terri Burns is making waves as she launches her own early-stage venture capital firm, Type Capital. Formerly a partner at Google Ventures (GV), Burns is now charting her own course, aiming to empower trailblazing founders and drive innovation in social and technological spheres. 

Type Capital, as articulated on its official website, is poised to invest in visionary founders, with a focus on Gen Z founders, who are pushing the boundaries of innovation. Burns, who has carved her niche among the select few Black women leading venture firms, is focused on providing support at the critical pre-seed and seed stages of startups, Tech Crunch reports.

What sets Type Capital apart is Burns’ proactive approach to investing. Unlike traditional investors who wait to gauge a company’s potential, Burns aims to be the first investor on board. Her keen eye for identifying promising founders and leveraging her extensive network to facilitate subsequent investment opportunities sets Type Capital apart in the competitive venture landscape.

Burns’ journey in the venture capital industry began in 2017 when she joined GV, making history as the youngest and first Black woman partner at the age of 26, as noted by BLACK ENTERPRISE. Her early career at Twitter as an associate product manager and her computer science background from New York University laid the foundation for her success in venture capital.

“When I started my career as a computer scientist and product manager, I was hyper-focused: there was always one project, one feature, and one team I was focused on. As a VC, I have the unique opportunity to really go broad and understand the greater entrepreneurial and technological market. As a person with many different interests, it’s the perfect balance for me,” Burns said. 

Furthermore, during her tenure at GV, Burns played a pivotal role in several successful investments, including the social app HAGS, later acquired by Snapchat, and Partiful, solidifying her reputation as a savvy investor. 

Additionally, she co-founded an angel investment collective that has backed nearly a dozen companies, showcasing her commitment to supporting emerging entrepreneurs.

Burns’ impact extends beyond the boardroom as she actively contributes to social initiatives. Named on the prestigious Forbes “30 Under 30” list in 2021, Burns also served on the board of the nonprofit Brave Initiatives. In her role there, she was able to empower and help foster the coding skills of girls from underserved communities. 

As Burns embarks on this exciting new chapter with Type Capital, she is poised to redefine venture capital by championing diversity, innovation, and social impact. With her visionary leadership and dedication to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs, Terri Burns is trailblazing a path for young entrepreneurs, pushing their businesses forward. 

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