Vivica A. Fox, Kevin Daniels Discuss New Film ‘Not Another Church Movie’ During Private Screening In Atlanta

‘Not Another Church Movie’ unfolds a tale of divine intervention and comedic chaos, as protagonist Taylor Pherry finds himself tasked by God to share his family’s stories and uplift his community. But amidst the divine plan, the Devil lurks with his own schemes, adding a layer of complexity to Pherry’s mission.

The movie features an all star cast including Kevin Daniels, Vivica A. Fox, Mickey Rourke, Jamie Foxx, Kyla Pratt, Tisha Campbell, Jasmine Guy and Lamorne Morris. 

The entertaining parody, written and co-directed by Johnny Mack and City on a Hill actor James Michael Cummings, is set to hit theaters on May 10th. However, a special screening took place at Atlantic Station. 

Prior to the screening, a red carpet and reception was held at Rose Bistro and Champagne Bar where cast, producers and other members of the movie mingled, snacked, sipped refreshing drinks and celebrated a momentous achievement. 

“We just want everybody to get out, have a good time and take their families. Things are so serious right now that we really just wanted to create something for everybody to have a good time,” said Vivica A. Fox. 

During the red carpet of ‘Not Another Church Movie’, James Michael Cummings expressed his gratitude toward the cast and crew for their dedication and talent. Reflecting on the casting process, Cummings commended April Russell’s performance, highlighting how Russell’s portrayal of a key character captivated the team: “April Russell introduced me to Atlanta… She scored this role. She read the script and she responded to this character like a thousand people auditioned for this thing, right? And then she killed it.”

Cummings also praised Jamie Foxx’s portrayal of God in the film, emphasizing the impact of Foxx’s performance: “When you see him as God, it’s unbelievable.” The presence of Foxx, along with the slate of other talented actors made for the perfect on screen performance.

“All I can tell you is to have Mickey Rourke in this film, Jamie Fox and Kevin Daniels. The cast is amazing. It’s going to be like watching popcorn. It’s just going to take off,” Cummings said. 

Actress Toshia Galligan, who plays Earth Angel and worked alongside Foxx in ‘Not Another Church Movie,’ also praised his comedic talents saying, “Oh my God, he was hilarious. The comedy doesn’t stop at this man. I enjoyed him greatly and so I hope to work with him again.” 

Cummings said, “There’s a lot of serious stuff going on today, right? So we make fun of the serious stuff. We bring it all up, we drag it out into the light. We have fun with it.” He emphasized that the film provides a comedic lens through which to explore serious topics, aiming to entertain and uplift audiences.

The film features standout performances and memorable scenes that showcase the talent of its diverse cast and crew. Through the entire cast and crew of this movie, wit and creative prowess resulted in a film that aims to entertain, inspire, and resonate with audiences. 

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