Atlanta-Based Activist Accused Of Scamming Black Lives Matter Supporters Out Of Thousands

On Tuesday, actor and Civil Rights activist Sir Maejor Page, formerly known as Tyree Conyers-Page, faced serious federal charges. He’s accused of orchestrating a fraudulent scheme by establishing a fake Black Lives Matter foundation to swindle money from well-intentioned donors. He subsequently splurged on personal luxuries, as reported by the Toledo Blade.

The allegations against Page include wire fraud, two counts of money laundering, and one count of concealing money laundering. It is claimed that he siphoned off close to half a million dollars from supporters who believed they were contributing to the Black Lives Matter cause. 

The elaborate scam began in 2018 when Page created a bank account under the guise of “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta Inc” (BLMGA), where he held sole access and control. 

Despite the modest balance in the account during its initial years, never exceeding $5,000 and even plunging to a negative balance at one point, everything changed following the tragic death of George Floyd in 2020.

With George Floyd’s death sparking widespread protests and increased support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Page witnessed a surge in donations to his purported nonprofit organization. The FBI’s investigation uncovered staggering figures: In just three months – June to August 2020 – BLMGA received an astonishing $460,000 in donations, all of which were funneled into Page’s personal bank account.

What’s particularly egregious is Page’s blatant misuse of the funds. Despite assuring donors that the money would be dedicated to fighting for justice for George Floyd, he allegedly indulged in a spree of personal expenditures. 

The FBI’s findings reveal that Page utilized the debit card linked to the BLMGA account for various personal purchases, including dining, clothing, furniture, accessories, and even a home security system.

Adding insult to injury, Page shamelessly flaunted his ill-gotten gains on social media platforms. He posted videos showcasing lavish office spaces, designer clothing, and boasted about his purported wealth. 

According to FBI reports, he squandered nearly $200,000 of the donations on personal items, eventually leading to his arrest in September 2020.

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