Rolling Out Celebrates Black History Month with RIDE CON AI Lab

Rolling 0ut’s RIDE CON AI Lab is set to immerse attendees in the transformative world of Artificial Intelligence at Morehouse College on Feb. 23 and Feb. 24. The event, which coincides with Black History Month and promises to cover a range of topics, including the role of AI in creative music production, the rise of machine learning, and the implications of personal artificial assistants. Black representation in AI is crucial for challenging biases, promoting inclusivity, and empowering the Black community. In its current emergence, imagery produced by AI often lacks diversity. If one were to search for an image of a Black woman on a prominent platform like MidJourney, the AI technology will still generate images of White women because it is essentially ignorant of the Black community’s existence within the space. This lack of accurate representation perpetuates biases and reinforces the underrepresentation of Black people in various domains. 

Photo credit: Munson Steed
Photo credit: Munson Steed

The lab will feature a dynamic lineup of distinguished speakers, including John Pasmore, CEO of Latimore, an AI platform specifically tailored for the African-American community. Pasmore’s groundbreaking work, achieved through collaboration with several Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), including Morgan State University, highlights the event’s commitment to fostering technical innovation within the African-American community. Marlon Avery, CEO of tech company AI Impact, will lead the ‘lunch and learn’ immersion session. Avery will delve into the transformative potential of AI and synthetic language models, exploring how these technologies can level the playing field for Black entrepreneurs. The keynote address will be delivered by Van Lathan of the Higher Frequency podcast, who will discuss the reinvention of the Internet through AI and the ongoing digital revolution. Prominent tech organizations, including Google, will also be in attendance, offering exclusive insights into the employment landscape, opportunities for growth, and the role of AI within and beyond professional spheres.  

Photo credit: Munson Steed
Photo credit: Munson Steed

On Saturday, Feb. 24, Day 2 of the lab will kick off with opening remarks from Rashad Richey, President of Rolling Out, during a live broadcast at Morehouse College. In recognition of his remarkable contributions to the music industry, the RIDE CON AI Lab will honor super producer Tricky Stewart. A celebration of his catalog of hits will be held on Saturday night at Morehouse College.

“It is our dedication to our community, and we are providing this free, AI business training and information exchange for our community at my alma mater, Morehouse College. We removed the price barriers that many are charging our community to gain this insightful information because we know this information is applicable to our survival.  Entrepreneurs, executives, parents, CEOs of nonprofits– AI is an imperative for all those who are knowledgeable and our community leaders are change agents for the betterment of our community as a whole.” – rolling out’s CEO, Munson Steed

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