‘Power Of Us Talks’ Series Launches At Turner AME Church On Jan. 27

Mark Wilson will kick-off the “Power of Us Talks” series in Atlanta on Jan. 27 at Turner AME Church at 10 a.m. During the event, Wilson and will be interviewed by his son and co-owner of The Gathering Spot, Ryan Wilson. 

Mark Wilson, the founder of Ryla Teleservices and Chime Solutions, is the winner of the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Hall of Fame inductee for the Coles College of Business.

Wilson provides a blueprint to his success and elevation in business with his new book “The Remarkable Power of Us.”

In a statement, Wilson told ADW, “I just felt like it was important for us to tell the story about how in our own individual way, we can contribute to the collective of our community to everybody’s betterment. ‘The Remarkable Power Of Us’ is getting a lot of good traction and  feedback. Over the years, I was encouraged by a lot of people to write a book, but never had the inspiration to do it. But I was in church one day and heard a sermon on the story of Lazarus and Bishop John H. Bryant preached that sermon. It spoke to me and it was just inspirational and pushed me to this idea about writing a book.”

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