Atlanta Hawks, Chase Collaborate To Discuss Homeownership Disparities And Financial Literacy

The Atlanta Hawks recently teamed up with Chase to host a panel titled, “A Transparent Conversation About Homeownership in Atlanta.” The panel discussion, held before the annual MLK King Game, shed light on the disparities of homeownership in Atlanta and how first time homebuyers can educate themselves on the process. 

Corey Mason of Chase shared facts about trends in the real estate market and spoke about how homeownership is key to generational wealth.

Black homeownership in Atlanta increased by nearly 5% during the pandemic. However, the Black homeownership rate in the city remains about 25% less than that of white households, according to data from Zillow

Melissa Proctor, Chief Marketing Officer for the Hawks and State Farm Arena, talked to ADW about this important event on MLK Day. 

“Every year, we’ve celebrated the legacy of Dr. King and this year is like no other,” Proctor said. “We partnered with Chase pregame to have a conversation on home ownership for African Americans in the city. And so much of that has to do with the work and legacy of Dr. King and what he was doing before he died. And so we really wanted to help to create economic empowerment, which we do on a regular basis. And today’s no different. And I think for us every year looking at how we can help educate the next generation.”

Proctor also spoke about Killer Mike and his contributions to the annual MLK Day game.

“We’ve partnered with Killer Mike from the time we reopened this building with the Swag Shop,” she said. “I was really proud of working directly with Mike and I really want him to come back with a Grammy this year. I think his album was some of his most amazing work. So being able to bring him in the building as an Atlanta son and all the work that he’s done for the city is great on MLK Day. He’s super excited about it as well. We have a number of artists that we bring into the building, but to have Killer Mike here on this day is most special.”


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