Mike Clark, Jr. Collaborates With Mr. Collipark For Viral Sensation, ‘Auntie Outside’: Video

Mike Clark, Jr. is bringing southern soul back to the game. The Macon, Georgia native is equipped with a powerful voice that is reminiscent of a legend such as Otis Redding.

Clark signed to Collipark Music which is headed by Mr. Collipark, an established music executive who has guided the careers of artists such as Soulja Boy and Ying Yang Twins. 

Clark has garnered attention for the song “Auntie Outside,” which is currently a viral sensation. During a recent interview with ADW, Clark shed light on the song and career aspirations. 

How were you first introduced to music?

I was raised in the church of course and my mom was the head of the choir. I did talent shows and stuff like that. So my mom, my dad and sister are all in music. I was the one to take that risk to really do it on a professional level. When I first started taking music serious, I did my first show at the Harriet Tubman Museum out in Macon, Georgia. I felt like I could really do something with music. I used to work at Applebee’s and walk around singing. I eventually recorded myself and uploaded on social media. It got over a million views and that’s how got my record deal. It’s been going up ever since.

How’s it been working with Mr. Collipark?

It’s been amazing man. So far so good. I’m still getting the feel of everything and gaining a new audience. I had football dreams, I never knew I’d be somewhere like Southern California and performing on stage. I’m thankful for everything that’s coming my way.

How did the concept for “Auntie Outside” come about?

I wrote it. When you’re on Facebook, you can see that the aunties are outside [laughs]. So that became the name. We did a video with Kountry Wayne. It was great working with him, it was all positive vibes. 

What are your overall goals in terms of music?

When it comes to the music, I want to be on the BET Awards, and win Grammy Awards. I’m looking forward. Basically, I’m just trying to grow. I want to be able to gain millions of streams and just continue to grow. 

View video below:

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