Why Fani Willis Could Seek Jail Time For Trump RICO Defendant Trevian Kutti

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis could seek jail time for Trevian Kutti, a defendant in the RICO case involving Donald Trump. 

Kutti was charged after allegedly pressuring poll worker Ruby Freeman to admit to voter fraud or risk being incarcerated. She’s named in the conspiracy to aid Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election. 

But Kutti’s words on social media could lead to her doing jail time. 

While on Instagram live last week, Kutti appeared to make a threat against Freeman. “There’s a woman sitting somewhere who knows that I’m going to (expletive) her whole life up when this is done,” Kutti said. “There’s a woman sitting somewhere who knows this whole thing is a lie. Who knows I never did anything to her. Who knows I never — who knows she begged me for help.”

If Kutti’s words are considered a threat, she could have her bond revoked and will be booked into the notorious Fulton County Jail.

According to Kutti’s bond agreement, any “act to intimidate any person known to her to be a codefendant or witness in this case.” She’s also not allowed to post on social media about facts of the case.

Kutti is a publicist from Chicago who has worked with polarizing figures  Kanye and R. Kelly. Her co-defendant, Harrison Floyd, nearly had his bond revoked a few weeks ago due to alleged threats online. 

Willis wrote a letter to Judge McAfee asking for Floyd’s bond to be revoked due to his alleged “pattern of intimidation” against co-defendants and witnesses. 

“The defendant’s actions demonstrate that he poses a significant threat of intimidating witnesses and otherwise obstructing the administration of justice in the future, making him ineligible for bond,” Willis wrote. 

Judge McAfee decided against revoking Floyd’s bond. 




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