Activists To Hold Rally For Deacon Johnny Hollman, Sr. Who Was Killed During Altercation With Police Officer

Coalition of Organizations will hold a press conference and Rally today at noon at the Fulton County Courthouse to demand justice in the death of Deacon Johnny Hollman, Sr. 

The Coalition of Organizations are demanding the prosecution of Officer Kiran Kimbrough and the arrest and prosecution of Eric Robinson (the tow truck driver) for the murder of Deacon Johnny Hollman, Sr. These are nonviolent calls to action. 

This coalition is broad based and intergenerational For Justice for Deacon Hollman Sr., and other victims of police brutality.  The organizations include MVHH (My Vote is Hip Hop), BTS (Beyond The Streets) – Social Justice Task Force, FTP Movement (For The People), AJA, Sleuth Gang, PSL (Party For Socialism & Liberation), Black Lives Matter Grassroots, NCCPT (National Coalition To Combat Police Terrorism), 10,000 Fearless, Dekalb County Branch NAACP, Atlanta Branch NAACP, and Georgia NAACP State Conference.

The body camera footage that shows the killing of Deacon Johnny Hollman Sr. was released on Wednesday, the eve of Thanksgiving. 

Hollman was a husband, father, and grandfather. On August 10th, Deacon Johnny Hollman Sr, age 62, had just finished Bible study and was on the way home to take dinner to his wife when he was involved in a minor car accident. He called 911 and waited for over an hour for the police to arrive.

When Officer Kiran Kimbrough arrived, he decided that Deacon Hollman was at fault and issued him a traffic ticket. Deacon Hollman asked to see a sergeant. Officer Kimbrough ignored him and told him he would take him to jail if he did not sign the ticket. Deacon Hollman told Officer Kimbrough he would sign the ticket, but the officer took him to the ground and began tasing him. Deacon Hollman told the officer “I Can’t Breathe”, 15 times. Deacon Hollman was pronounced dead at Grady Hospital.

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