Atlanta Hawks Defeat Brooklyn Nets 147-145, Score 299 Points In Two Games

The Atlanta Hawks have established one thing this season, they have a high-powered offense capable of record-breaking success. On the night before Thanksgiving, the Hawks were involved in another shootout as they outlasted the Nets 147-145 in overtime. 

The game featured an offensive battle between the Hawks’ Trae Young and Mikal Bridges of the Nets. Young led the Hawks with 43 points while Bridges led all scorers with 45 points. 

But while the Hawks have been able to score at will, they’ve had issues on the defensive end. They’ve surrendered 302 points in the last two games. Young spoke about the importance of getting defensive stops. 

“We score a lot of points, but I think it’s more about the defensive stops,” Young said in the post-game press conference. “Allowing them to get 145 is too many points.”

Hawks coach Quinn Snyder also spoke about the importance of defense.  

“It’s more about our defense,” Snyder said. “We score a lot of points, but the other team scored a lot of points too. And as I said, I think to the extent you can score a lot of points and still try to really have a defensive mindset. That’s hard, because if you’re scoring the ball, you know every possession doesn’t seem quite as important because you’re scoring. I’m not saying I don’t want to score, but I think [defense] is going to continue to be the emphasis for us.”

The Hawks even their record to 7-7 before hitting the road for a five-game stint. 

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