Defendant in Trump RICO Case in Atlanta Stays Out of Jail – for Now

Harrison Floyd, the only co-defendant in former President Donald Trump’s RICO case to be jailed, will continue to remain free on a $100,000 bond although Fulton County DA Fani Willis asked that the bond be revoked, charging that Floyd violated conditions of the bond by using social media to immediate witnesses in the case. 

Willis personally argued Floyd’s bond should be revoked to Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, who declined to do so.

However, Floyd’s bond conditions may be changed, McAfee ruled. McAfee was set to meet late Tuesday afternoon with both prosecutors and defense attorneys to determine any changes to Floyd’s bond.

“He doesn’t get an, ‘oh, I’m sorry,’ after I’ve already intimidated the witnesses in this case. It’s too late,” said Willis. “You should not have done this, you knew it was against the rules, you put some in danger as a result of doing it, and now, you need to be held accountable for it so that we can make sure that all of the defendants in this case get a fair trial and that witnesses are kept safe.”

“He doesn’t want to find himself back in this position again, he’s not looking to stroke the ire of the judge,” said Floyd’s attorney John E. Morrison. “(The judge) was placing this order in place for now and then we’ll work on those to make sure that he has his First Amendment rights. That’s what everyone wants to see.”

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