Vice President Kamala Harris Brings Fight For Our Freedoms College Tour to Atlanta HBCUs

Vice President Kamala Harris is set to bring her Fight for Our Freedoms college tour to Atlanta’s AU Center on Sept. 26 for a tour of historically Black colleges and universities.

As students across the nation return to school, Vice President Kamala Harris will embark on a month-long college tour throughout America to mobilize young people in the ongoing fight for fundamental freedoms and rights. She is set to visit a dozen campuses in at least seven states as she brings together thousands of students for high-energy, large-scale events. 

Harris will reportedly visit Morehouse, Spelman and Morris Brown colleges, as well as Clark Atlanta University. The purpose of the tour is to ignite young people in the fight for freedoms and rights, the outlet reported.

“This generation is critical to the urgent issues that are at stake right now for our future,” said Vice President Harris. “It is young leaders throughout America who know what the solutions look like and are organizing in their communities to make them a reality. My message to students is clear: We are counting on you, we need you, you are everything.”

This series of college tour events is a continuation of the Vice President’s recent travel, and comes on the heels of her Summer of Action that included visits to 17 states. Vice President Harris has already been to 11 college campuses this year after traveling to 14 schools in 2022.

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