No Crying in Baseball: Tim Anderson Responds to Being Knocked Out

In an iconic moment from A League of Their Own (1992), Manager Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks) asks Evelyn Gardner (Bitty Schram), “Are you crying? Are you crying? There’s no crying! There’s no crying in baseball!”

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson is finding that that statement is true even though he took the brunt of the blow when he was knocked out in a brawl that broke out during a game against the Cleveland Guardians when Guardians third baseman José Ramírez slid into second base as Anderson towered over him. Ramírez got up and pointed his finger in Anderson’s face. Anderson then squared up and the two started throwing punches. In the midst of the fistfight, Ramírez caught Anderson with a right hook, knocking him out.

After the blow and to add insult to injury, Anderson became the subject of some pretty mean memes on social media. But when Anderson responded – retaliatory style –  about how he felt after the internet made fun of him for getting knocked out it only added to insult to injury, and the shortstop is getting lots of backlash.

On Aug. 7, Major League Baseball announced Anderson received a six-game suspension and Ramírez was suspended for three games.

After the fight, came the memes and jokes.

Anderson then responded to all of the comments on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Aug. 6.

“You know all this all happening for a reason …”Anderson posted. “We staying focused with this s—…we ain’t never tripping … this s— bigger!! We gone catch up with em later … keep kicking on me while I’m down .. alotta [m———] been switching up, too … #fakes—, and who the f— gave loser’s opinions. Y’all got me f—– up fr fr .. hope you picking up what I’m putting down, too … The Picture Bigger.”

Anderson’s profile picture is of the late Chicago rapper King Von.

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