Cadillac Drives with Intention at the 2023 American Black Film Fest

(Photo: Juanita Slappy, Nicole Friday, Tarshena Armstrong and Franklin Leonard. Credit: Nice Crowd/Eric Ellis)

The 2023 American Black Film Festival (ABFF) was a remarkable event that brought together an array of talented creatives and thought leaders in the entertainment industry. Amidst the excitement and celebration, Cadillac took center stage with its captivating activation, leaving attendees in awe of its power, elegance, and commitment to innovation.


Ride and Drive


The Cadillac Lyriq, an all-electric SUV, made a big impression at a recent festival. With its luxurious appeal and cutting-edge performance, the Lyriq captivated attendees and stole the show.


The Lyriq’s sleek design and bold lines make it an eye-catching vehicle that turns heads wherever it goes. But what’s under the hood really sets the Lyriq apart. The Lyriq’s electric powertrain delivers a remarkable range on a single charge and provides seamless acceleration, making it a truly thrilling ride.

The Lyriq is also a technological marvel. Its advanced infotainment system seamlessly integrates with the driver’s digital lifestyle, and features like voice recognition and advanced driver-assistance systems elevate the driving experience to new heights.

In addition to being luxurious and performance-oriented, the Lyriq is also a sustainable vehicle. Its all-electric powertrain reduces carbon emissions and inspires a new clean and efficient transportation era. The Lyriq’s battery technology is engineered for longevity, and Cadillac offers comprehensive charging solutions to ensure convenience for owners.


With the Lyriq, Cadillac is leading the charge toward a greener future without compromising on the luxury and performance that drivers have come to expect.


Morning Mindset with Tai


Cadillac hosted a morning mindset session with wellness guru Tai Beauchamp on Saturday, June 11, as part of the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) in Miami, Florida. The session aimed to foster personal growth and create a vibrant atmosphere of motivation and empowerment.

The event, titled “Morning Mindset with Tai: The ABFF Experience,” was centered around one crucial element: having the right mindset. Beauchamp led the session, which included affirmations, Soca fitness, and a sound bath.


In a one-on-one conversation with Juanita Slappy, head of multicultural marketing for Cadillac, Beauchamp shared her excitement about the movement of black people embracing wellness.

“I think that I feel really excited that we’re in a time and space where the conversations are happening for us as black and brown people around wellness,” Beauchamp said. “You know, it’s not seen as something that is for other people. But it’s something that we have to do not only to heal and to grow, but to actually be and show up as our full selves.”

Slappy echoed Beauchamp’s sentiments, saying that wellness is becoming increasingly important to Cadillac’s customers.


“Wellness means wealth — we are human beings, not human doings,” Slappy said. “And the only way to be is to be present to replenish to affirm. And if you don’t have your health, what do you have? So, it’s a state of constant being and rejuvenation.”


The “Morning Mindset with Tai: The ABFF Experience” was well-received and was a part of Cadillac’s ongoing commitment to supporting wellness and empowerment in the black community.


Creating Cultural Capital


Cadillac’s “Creating Cultural Capital” session was a thought-provoking event celebrating the intersection of creativity and innovation. The session explored how cultural capital can be harnessed to empower individuals and drive societal progress.


Tarshena Armstrong, General Motors’ Director of Diversity & Marketing, noted that diversity is at the core of the company’s mission. “Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ plus, women, Asian, those are our target audience,” she said. “Our goal is to authentically resonate with that audience, not just with the talent that we have on our campaigns. It’s a 360 approach to how we do business, from our diverse agencies of record to the media investment that we do within the community.”


Attendees were captivated by the insights shared and the passionate discussions that unfolded. The session further cemented Cadillac’s commitment to fostering meaningful connections and promoting diverse voices.


Throughout the ABFF, Cadillac’s presence exemplified its dedication to innovation and its commitment to connecting with the dynamic audience of creatives and thought leaders. The brand’s innovative vehicles struck a chord with attendees, offering them a glimpse of Cadillac’s cutting-edge technology and luxurious experience. The activation at ABFF demonstrated Cadillac’s unwavering support for diversity in the arts and its belief in the power of collaboration to drive positive change.


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