Rick Ross Could Be Fayetteville’s Next Mayor

Rick Ross might possibly be one of Atlanta’s biggest change agents. He obviously gets politics and the democratic process, if you don’t like how things are change them, and he seems to get the system or at least he’s willing to defy it from inside city hall.

As previously reported here, following a hard fought and contentious battle with his neighbors in the Fayetteville, Georgia conclave, Ross floated the idea of running for mayor of the town after he was denied a permit to host his annual car show at his palatial property. 

The car show, scheduled to be held in June 3, was set to attract 7,000 attendees. But Ross’ neighbors complained that last year’s show created a traffic nightmare. The director of planning and zoning for Fayette County denied the permit and said Ross’ home is not in compliance with the Fayette County Zoning Ordinance.

Ross responded to the news of being denied for a permit by going on Instagram and saying he will continue to host the car show at his home because it’s on private property. 

He also said that he plans to run for mayor of Fayetteville. 

“I love Fayetteville so much. Next year I’m running for mayor,” he said. “That’s right. The boss Rick Ross running for mayor of Fayetteville. I wanna know how many votes did it actually take to vote in the mayor of Fayetteville.”

Ross continued, “I need to know that ‘cause we gon’ become that. We gon’ make that happen, and we gonna have a good time. We gon’ give some people opportunities, we gon’ give some people raises and, of course, we gon’ have to clean some people out.”



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