Jermaine Dupri Headlines Opening Day Of TSP LIVE 2023

Day one of TSP LIVE 2023 proved to be a hit. Legendary Grammy Award-winning, Hall Of Fame songwriter, producer and rapper, and founder of SoSo Def, Jermaine Dupri; not to mention, his fireside chat with conference host, Lamar Tyler, that unpacked JD’s lessons learned in music and business, and his blueprint for success.

There were so many nuggets dropped and great insight that he shared from a perspective outside of the music persona he’s most known for.

The surprise guest performance by Entertainer, Producer, Mogul and Pioneer of Crunk Hip Hop, Bonecrusher! He performed his hit “Never Scared,” which is one of the favorite hype songs for the TSP community!

Traffic Sales and Profit Founder, Lamar Tyler, hit the stage a few times with insightful and transformative sessions on “The State of Black Business,” “Unlocking Resilience: Tactical Marketing Strategies and Hacks for Amplifying Conversions and Outpacing the Recession,” and “Breaking Through: Overcoming Hurdles to Propel Business Growth in Challenging Times” that had the TSP LIVE audience learning, shifting their mindsets and making plans to implement winning strategies.

Jason Fladlien, who is known as the “Quarter Billion Dollar Webinar Man,” hit the stage to chat about “The OFFERtunity of a Lifetime: Crafting Killer Offers.” In five steps, he dropped enough nuggets that will help business owners and entrepreneurs transform the way they do business forever. His five steps asked specific questions for business owners to clarify what they’re offering to their customers: What do they get? What do they pay, What’s the bonus? What’s the risk? and Who needs your product the most? Out of the many great things he shared, it was one quote that was the mic drop of the day. He said, “We’re selling the dream too much… we have to stop the nightmares first.” BOOM!

One of the greatest highlights of a TSP LIVE conference is the giveback! Every year, Lamar and Ronnie extend an opportunity for conference-goers to purchase a full video replay of the event and 100% of the proceeds are donated to a nonprofit that is doing great work in the Black community. This year’s recipient was announced yesterday as the Black and Missing Foundation! As of today, during the 9am opening session, conference-goers had already raised $19K. Lamar and Ronnie made their own donation of $10K, bringing the total to almost $30K! And guess what… that was just DAY ONE! Who knows what the total will be by tomorrow’s closing session! #StayTuned

In final, the TSP AFTER DARK evening session was where even more TSP magic happened! Featuring “Traffic Talks” with Briana Ford (META) speaking on “Finders Keepers: Using Ads to Find and Keep VIP Customers;” Social Ad Guru, Terry Foster, who spoke on “How to Turn Your Facebook Group Into an ATM;” and a power-packed “Six-Figure Panel” featuring Dr. Casandra “Coach Cass” Henriquez, Joy McLaughlin-Harris and Earl Knighten, the audience had the perfect space to share their takeaways from the day and also glean inspiration from the speakers and their individual expertise and journeys of success.

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