D’Juan’s New Orlean’s Bistro Offers Authentic Cajun Cuisine in Atlanta

Metro Atlanta is a food lovers paradise, ranking with some of the nation’s top cities for dining including, New York Chicago and Washington D.C. The city is also inundated with scores of New Orleans style restaurants welcomes new authentic New Orleans style restaurants vying for the title of authentic New Orleans fare, red beans and rice, jambalaya, crab etoufee, and of course the city’s signature gumbo. 

Fortunately we have been able to pretty much pare down the offerings laying claim to cajun authenticity to one sultry spot on Atlanta’s vast dining landscape – the recently opened D’Juan’s New Orlean’s Bistro in Metro Atlanta.

It is the real deal and the place where foodies in the know are gravitating in droves to confirm what some already knew, this is more than a restaurant, it is that experience that transports you to the kitchens that made these foods cultural staples and culinary essentials for that hot, sultry Big easy experience. This place is a must for any local or tourist who appreciates the authenticity of New Orleans-based cuisine and the magic of the culture. I half expected the impeccable and friendly staff to cover the table with newspaper at any moment and pour out a bushel of crawfish so we could go all the way into that delicious dive.

D’Juan’s New Orlean’s Bistro, an authentic New Orleans-style restaurant opened its doors to Metro Atlanta on Thursday, March 16. The restaurant is located in the Vinings area at 3300 Cobb Parkway Suite 104, Atlanta, GA 30339.

D’Juan’s New Orleans’s Bistro features popular authentic New Orleans style cuisine which includes gumbo, cajun rice with catfish, lamb chops, crawfish mac and cheese, Mardi Gras pasta, bread pudding, and even beignets that rival those at Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter, just with out having to stand in line in the sweltering heat. My dining companion and I concluded that the beignets were the best we’d ever had, and the gumbo – oh the gumbo – tasted like it was right out of my cousin Shirley jean’s kitchen, brown rue and all. 

“I love Atlanta, but it’s hard as a New Orleans native to get that taste of home in Metro Atlanta,” said Donald Williams, the owner of D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro. “There’s not that many places where someone can go and get those classic New Orleans flavors, which is why I decided to open D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro.”

“Not only is it difficult for me to find the types of cuisine that I grew up with, but also when I cook New Orleans-style cuisine at home, I always have to make a lot because all of my family and friends here in Atlanta will want those flavors.”

The special and not so secret ingredient that flavors the entire dining experience, is more than the cuisine, it’s the camaraderie and sense of community. Diners who were visiting the establishment for the first time found themselves talking across tables to other guests and giving thumbs up on every dish. You can make a friend there, especially if you try D’Jaun’s upscale Hurricane drink made the old O’Brien’s way, but with a healthy dose of mango and brought to you table side by friendly, almost familial, but professional servers.

“D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro is finally here and I’m so excited to share our food and culture with all of Atlanta. The best part about Atlanta is that the city really embraces all of the different foods and restaurants. So, I’m happy that I get to share a piece of me, my family, and my culture with all of Atlanta,” Williams said

The affable restaurateur is a long-time Atlanta resident and owner of Williams Accounting & Consulting, an accounting firm with offices in Atlanta and New Orleans. Recently, his book, “The Suitless CEO: How Becoming Unconventional Transformed My Life & Business” hit the Amazon Best Seller list, after being endorsed by former Shark Tank cast member Kevin Harrington.

.For more information on D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro visit https://djuans.com//.

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