Slutty Vegan Owner Pinky Cole to Become an ‘Honest Woman’ When She Weds on Saturday


Entrepreneur extraordinaire Pinky Cole will marry her longtime partner and fellow restaurateur Derrick Hayes. Cole’s romantic partner is the owner of Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks, a cheesesteak restaurant based in Atlanta.

The soon-to-be betrothed couple got engaged on July 2, 2022when Hayes surprised Cole on stage during the ESSENCE festival in New Orleans and dropped on on one knee to ask the Slutty Vegan founder and CEO for her hand in marriage.  “You’ve had my back for a long time … I want to make it real,” he said before popping the question.

Cole recently opened her 11th Slutty Vegan restaurant in Dallas. “We have a lot more coming, we’re like it’s world domination, like Beyonce is on a world tour,” she quipped in an earlier interview. The popular restaurateur also noted that she has added a new item to the restaurant menu, Philly fries, inspired by her fiancé, who is from Philadelphia. “Go to any of our locations in metro Atlanta and beyond and try the fries,” Cole encourages.

More than 300 of the couple’s closest friends and family will attend the nuptials in Atlanta, on Saturday, June 10. “I don’t know how we got there, we started with 200 [guests]. It’s going to be magical though. I’m excited. I get to marry my best friend. I like to say food is love, because he is in the [industry] too, and we’re merging our world’s together,” the bride to be blushed.

This is how I know that divinity is real,” Cole said, “I’m not trying to get spiritual with you, but when things are supposed to happen for you they, they will line themselves up and you don’t even have to try to hard,” Cole concluded. “I am excited to continue this love story to show people that real love still exists.

The soon to be betrothed couple have two children together two-year-old daughter D Ella, and one-year-old son Derrick Jr. 

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