Vice President Kamala Harris Takes Aim At Georgia Republicans, Touts Accomplishments During Visit To Atlanta

Vice President Kamala Harris made her third trip to Atlanta in 2023 to headline the Democratic Party of Georgia’s Spring Soiree. The event took place in Atlanta and allowed Harris to share the accomplishments of the Biden Administration and the importance of Georgia in the 2024 Election. 

Harris spoke about how the administration has impacted the state of Georgia, particularly the access to technology in rural areas.

“Here in Georgia, we took on the issue of affordable access to broadband,” Harris said. “Because folks who live in rural America  andin rural Georgia should not have to take school aged children to the McDonald’s to be able to have access to public Wi Fi. And seniors shouldn’t have to go to a public library to have a private telemedicine appointments. We are on track to connect every household in America with affordable and accessible broadband. 560,000 families right here in Georgia. In the 21st century, high speed internet and access to high speed internet is about equity and dignity.”

Harris also took a moment to take aim at Georgia Republicans who promote pro-life when it comes to abortions, but are lax in terms of gun control, even with the rise of mass shootings. 

“Please do note the hypocrisy,” Harris said. “They posture that these laws will protect mothers and babies. if you really want to protect mothers and babies because I’ve been working on it for years, Black women are three times more likely to die during pregnancy. And pregnant women in over half the counties in the state of Georgia have no access to an OBGYN. So don’t come talking to me about the health of women and babies, If you do not treat maternal mortality as a crisis.”

Harris also spoke about the economy, gun laws, and why Georgia is key for 2024.

“We will fight for our democracy,” Harris said. “And in Georgia, when we fight, we win.”


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